Soledad Miranda


Although she is unknown to most people, Soledad Miranda was one of the most interesting actresses of the 1960s. Born in Spain in 1943, to Portuguese parents, she entered show business at the age of 8 as a dancer, and made her film debut at 16, playing a ballerina. For the next ten years, she appeared in more than 30 films--mostly in Spain, and most of them forgettable. However, her work for legendary director Jess Franco made her reputation, and she became the queen of his unique blend of horror and erotica. She made a half-dozen films with Franco, the best of which are Eugénie De Sade, Sie Tötete in Ekstase, and the phenomenal Vampyros Lesbos.


Her beauty is readily apparent from these photographs, but her appeal on the movie screen was something that could not be captured nor readily described. She had a quality that made her the center of attention in any scene she was in. Her dark eyes, finely-featured face and feline grace were enchanting to watch.


Tragically, while riding in her new convertible with her husband at the wheel, she was killed in an accident. She was 27 years old.


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