Laimon Mitris is a remarkable, if little known, living artist. Born in 1920 in Latvia, he has spent the past five decades living in Quebec and making amazing images in his unique style. There are hints of Max Ernst, Joan Miro and perhaps Ruffino Tamiyo - even Pop Art graphics -- in his work. Nevertheless, the results are distinctive and original. Mitris' palette often uses vibrant and vivid colors. He often cuts out many pieces of masonite before painting them, and assembling them into multi-layered constructions. These suggest celestial bodies, microscopic life, futuristic cityscapes or totally abstract forms. In a just world, Mr. Mitris' work would be avidly collected and he would be recognized as the visionary that his art suggests he is. To see more of Mr. Mitris' work, please visit his auctions on eBay.